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Koi ponds offer great value to your home and garden. Essentially designed and built around fish, it’s a great feature that will compliment your garden without a doubt.

Generally a low-maintenance option, the fish work together with our expertly installed filtration systems to ensure plenty of enjoyment and beauty with very few hassles.


Our koi ponds are designed and built to your garden’s aesthetic profile. Our ponds are designed to compliment your garden, adding to its value without overshadowing it. All ponds are designed and built according to;

1 - Budget
2 - Availability of space
3 - Client requirements.

Filtration & treatment

Koi ponds add a lot of value to your home and garden, often considered to be high maintenance. Whilst maintenance may be required, it’s less often than one might think.

In this case, maintenance was neglected to the extent that pond water lost its clarity and the pond bottom could hardly be seen.

Mahestic offers a variety of solutions to this problem, all of which are environmentally friendly.

Repairs & maintenance

We offer a specialized service. Often we come across cases where ponds were installed by the homeowner, or perhaps someone taking care of the gardening services.

Whilst cost effective, it does compromise the structural integrity of the pond. If you find yourself with a leak or a structural error we guarantee a practical and effective solution


-Pond construction
-Pond repairs & maintenance

Hennie Stander

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